jeudi 23 juin 2011

vendredi 20 mai 2011

50's Hairstyles

► The Choppers (1961) - Movie ◄


If you cool cats like classic hotrod cars, bad boys from the other side of the tracks, sexy blondes in tight shirts, insipidly catchy songs, goofy teen idol good looks, and the world's biggest cell phone... this one is for you!

Hot rods, hot rock, and hot hair are the jewels in the juvenile delinquency crown of THE CHOPPERS. This classic drive-in exploitation flick features the debut of sixteen year-old Arch Hall Jr. as Cruiser, the spoiled rich kid with a taste for crime and his band of troubled teens who call themselves cool names like Torch, Flip and Snoop, and specialize in stripping cars in record time. This is the movie that made you mom weak in the knees and your daddy worried about the crowd you run with.

Featuring the some exceptional less-than-hit songs from the awesome Arch Hall Jr, including non-classics like "Konga Joe" and "Monkey In A Hatband".

Live Fast Die Young!

jeudi 12 mai 2011

Elvis Presley - 1956

Elvis at train station !

Arriving the hudson theater (july 56)

Fans at the hudson theater (july 56)

RCA Studio one (july 56)

RCA Studio one (july 56)

Elvis Presley mirror

Elvis Presley kiss

Between shows at the mosque (june 56)

Elvis and a young fan (june 56)

Jefferson Hotel (june 56)

Reporter Gene Miller Interviewing Elvis

Waiting to go on stage the mosque

Warming up with the jordanaires

Stage show (March 56)

Stage show (March 56)

Train between chattanooga and Memphis (July 56)